Thursday, September 25, 2008

The coolest neighbors EVER!

So today I hung out with two of my FAVORITE people, my kid-brother Chip and his lovely wife Becky. I love them SO much! Today they fed me fresh pineapple. Yum! I love when I get to go hang out with Chip and Becky. I just think they are So cool!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Can you believe it's already been 2 years?

Well it's actually been more then two years now because I am such a slacker and didn't post any thing on our anniversary (Aug 11th). Here are some pictures of us on our wedding day...obviously, and then the others are from our trip to Hawaii to visit my amazing Grandpa to celebrate our 1 yr ann. and the others are from this year. I'm glad Anthony and I finally made the right decision to get married it's been the best thing ever!!!! (we'll be coming up on our six years of knowing/dating each other... man we took a long time)

ps if you love our wedding photos as much as I do you should check out my AMAZING friend Allison and book a photo shoot with her. She won't let you down.

Torrey Utah!!!

Anthony and I went down to Torrey and Fish Lake to celebrate our anniversary. We had a grand ole time. We stayed in this nice little cabin in Torrey and then went over to fish lake and hung out there for a while. It was a nice little weekend getaway that Anthony surprised me with!!!! Below are just a couple of photos from the trip.