Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Anthony and I at the Temple, Eating at Giovannis Shrimp shack......look at all that garlic. Us with Grandpa
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More of Hawaii

Kawela Bay Sharks Cove

Dinner with my cousins China Mans Hat
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Trip to hawaii

This is the best shave ice place in the WORLD......way better then Matsumoto.
Sorry for all of you who love Matsumoto's but you've gotta try Waiola before you have any say. The saddest part of the trip was that Taste of Paradise is no longer there. I was way excited to go there and when we pulled up it looked like this. Totally fenced off and run down.......I cried so hard.

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Trip to Hawaii

We went spear fishing with my Uncle Jimmy and caught about five fish. I was terrified to go with the boys because I actually get a little freaked out while I'm snorkeling because I have no peripheral vision. But as soon as we got out the where we were going to spear the fish I put on my snorkel and went under......sure enough I speared a fish right away. And then my fear was gone....why should I be scared I have the weapon!
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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Same hair cut as 10th grade!

So you all that knew me in 10th grade don't you think I look the same. So I jsut cut 20" off and then the hair stylist trimmed it up. It look and feels so short......but I can still wear it in a ponytail.