Thursday, February 28, 2008


At my practicum we had a going away party for our wonderful translator Nui, she has been a translator for us for about 6 months and now she is leaving us to move to Portland. Salt Lake is receiving a lot of Burmese/Karen (pronounced karin) refugees. Nui is the only person we have found in Salt Lake that speaks the Karen language so she has been a real lifesaver. She will be missed greatly.

Me, Nui and Erin
The Gang watching clips from families members in Thailand at refugee camps.
All the FOOD, there was so much food there and it all tasted so good

In this pictures with Nui is her husband, three of us are social work students, an OT, several Karen family members, my supervisor who is also a PhD student and her roommate, also a PhD student and a former SW student.

Two of the cute little kids, they loved having their pictures taken all night.

One of the karen family members signing good-bye songs to Nui.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Paige I hope you have a very HAPPY day!!!!!! Another year older and wiser too!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Massive amounts of snow. The road were actually closed the whole time we were up there, we were lucky to even get out of there when we did.
See how covered the lift is? Those little chunks of ice are the piece that flew in our faces when we reached the top of the lift. It's like little shards of glass.

This is how Anthony felt the whole trip.

Picture below: this is who foggy it was. you could barley see the chairs two in front or in back of you.

Fifth time for me on the Annual Clark/Leaver Family ski trip. This year we had a great time the snow was amazing. Nice fresh powder every morning. Too bad for Anthony, he loooooves the snow and especially skiing, but he was so sick this trip, so he got a lot of rest instead of play time. The fog was so bad this year that we all experienced a little vertigo. We went up dream catcher and when we got off there were little bits of ice that would fly in our was so foggy you couldn't see and way way windy. Does this even sound fun to anyone? Well the snow made up for it.
if you haven't experienced vertigo I don't recommend it,you don't know which way is up or down,the fog is so thick you can't see anything nor can you tell if you are moving or at a complete stop. We all fell many times. The best was when I couldn't see at all and needed to sit down I thought for sure I was stopped so I sat down only to find out I was going very fast, instead I tumbled down a ways.
Overall the trip was a blast. Chip, Becky and I played a lot and had so much fun playing in the powder in the trees.