Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas and Teo's blessing

Is this not the craziest thing you have ever seen? We went to the grocery store one night and saw this donut on sale for 25 cents, we couldn't help ourself from buying it... just for this picture. No, Saiji did not eat the whole thing, nor did we. But this donut is unreal, huh?
Saiji on Christmas morning with his new jammies and his presents. Let's just say next year we are only going to get him one gift. Once he saw this toy he wanted it opened and he played with it for an hour. We didn't open the rest of his gifts until about 7PM. I'll have you know it was the most annoying toy though and it has already been packed up and waiting to be taken to DI (no worries, we got it free from someone who was donating it to the Salvation Army. No wonder why he didn't want it). It will be a great toy for someone in the age range of 5-7.
Saiji in deep concentration making Nana and Grandpa's christmas present.
Saiji showing Nana and Grandpa his masterpiece. Also showing them that his hand is outlined on the picture frame.
Saiji has been a big helper in the kitchen lately. Here he is squeezing orange juice, which we then had for breakfast.
We got him this sweet light box that keeps him entertained for about an hour. We practice counting and sensory activities.
Sunday Anthony did an amazing job on Teo's blessing. We were so grateful to everyone who came and supported us. I wish I would've taken a picture of everyone holding Teo, but here are my parents and Teo. My mom made his blessing outfit, which Saiji also wore.
Our little family of four!