Thursday, July 21, 2011


Here are a couple pictures from our amazing trip to Hawaii. It was so much fun to spend time with family and friends! Saiji enjoyed following Grandpa around and he especially loved the fresh fruit every morning that Grandpa cut for him. Every morning when he would wake up he would say "Pa" and run out and say hi to grandpa, it was so fun having the two Saiji's spend so much time together.
We also have a crazy beach bum on our hands. Saiji loved the water and sand so much!

Grandpa and Saiji hanging out on the front porch
My Cousin Aaron, Uncle Jimmy, Anthony, Saiji and My cousin Dane. Getting ready to go out and spear some tako (octopus). Thanks you Uncle Jimmy for always taking us out on fun adventures!
The future diver!
Right before we had to leave back to the mainland :(
The two Saiji's! This is before we left as well and unfortunately we didn't get a very good picture of Saiji with Grandpa, Saiji had an extremely high fever the day we left. And lucky me, but poor Saiji, he threw up four times at the airport. Once all over both of us and the other three, close to the rubbish can. Thankfully he didn't throw up anymore after that though. So the plane ride was good.
Saiji getting excited about being at the Laie Temple
Having fun on Daddy's shoulders on Laie point
Nothing better then a giant stick at the beach
Checking out China Man's hat

More pictures to come......