Sunday, April 22, 2007

SLC Marathon

Anthony and I went to help with and aide station for the SL marathon with the Guuleysi Girls. The girls I work with weekly. I love them all and it was a fun day passing water and gatorade.

What goodies can we find in Iowa?

Old Curler pins
My Grandmas sweet beautyshop inside her house
My dad's old stuffed monkey

Two old signs found in Iowa Falls

Taking a walk back in time!!!!

Grandma craving pizza

Grandma enjoying the sunshine!

Monday, April 9, 2007

I love Blossoms, flowers and Finn

Happy EASTER!!!!!!!!

We colored eggs with Jeremiah and Breanne. Oh what fun we had. Anthony wasn't too excited about it so I made him a special egg that made him very happy...ha ha ha

VIOLET'S Baby Shower

Yummy homemade Oreo cookies
Mindy made

The toilet paper game. Kim

was the WINNER!!!

Allisons freinds trying to remember

all the items on the tray.
Beautiful Mindy
Me and the new MOMMY