Monday, January 26, 2009

More Creatures

So here are some of the presents that I made for Christmas to give to the kids and Anthony. Anthony's is a blanket.....well the front part of the still needs to have a back sewn on it...that is made of all our old t-shirts. And each of the kids picked out with creature they wanted and I made it for them. It was a great Christmas.....sorry the post is late. I just wanted to share some of the project I have been working on. Tatjana's is a little dog, Seppo's is a rabbit with three carrots on it's belly per his request, and Terai is a little bug...sorry the picture is so out of focused.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Crazy sledding times!!!!!

We had so much fun sledding with Tatjana, Seppo, Terai, Chip and Becky. There was a berm on the hill that the kids were getting crazy with. The first picture of Tatjana and Terai is sweet huh?.....they even made it past the berm staying on the sled.The next picture if you look closely at the bottom of Chip and Seppo is a brown thing....that is Terai. When they came down they ran into Terai and smooshed him. Oh no worries though.....after they got off him he was just laughing...the kid is fearless. We had so much fun with them in bad they all had to go home.