Monday, June 18, 2007

Hiking Up AF Canyon

So these pictures were taken with my three different lenses. My fisheye, telephoto, and macro. I am hooked on taking pictures......but obviously I still need a lot of practice.....before I become really good.
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Old Chandelier

This is an old chandelier that we had in our house that I took some pictures of.
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Anthony and I had the opportunity to dog sit my friend Noni's dog this weekend....his name is Bronco. And let us just say he is the best dog in the world. He is so obedient and fun loving. He was my little shadow this weekend. He made Anthony and I want a dog so badly. Isn't he so cute?
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Monday, June 11, 2007

More fisheye

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Seeing out of a FIsheye

So I bought this really cheap fisheye lens on the internet and it's actually pretty fun to play with. Allison what do you think? It's the one I showed you.
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New Camera!!!!

So I just got a new very nice SLR camera......well not as nice as Allison's. But it is very fancy and nice for me. I've been taking pictures like crazy with it.
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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Chip and Becky are getting married!!!!!!

Here are a few pictures of Chip and Becky, they get married June 23rd. Yipeeeeeee

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Baby Violet

Allison Cute little baby girl.
Sorry Allison for not posting these sooner......boy has Violet changed.
She lookes alot different now.
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More pictures of "Little Prince"

What a sweet little boy. This is Tonia's forth.....he doesn't have a name yet.
I Love Babies feet!!!!

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Little Prince

what a precious foot
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